BazgirVeljkovic | THE BRAND
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Our story

Live with a limitless attitude, expect impeccable standards and always make sure your charisma makes an impact.


Bazgir & Veljkovic is a men’s grooming concept for those who dares to demand absolute quality alongside a conscious manufacturing process. We utilizie the vibrant combination of scandinavian design combined with an international lifestyle and state of mind to create a brand fueled by passion for mens grooming. It is important for us to provide an experience of luxury grooming and yet keep it marketable for the everyday man.

What we are all about

We believe in carefully picked, organic ingredients and hand poured quality.

We believe in offering the market a line of grooming products that fully covers all the needs a modern-day man must have in order to present himself in tasteful manners.


We believe in feeling good, looking good and smelling good through lotions and oils that are both caring and exquisite.


Bazgir & Veljkovic – Secure your first impression.